New generation of wastewater heat recuperation systems

Take advantage of the renewal of your building's hot water system to reduce your operating costs.

RegenEAU guarantees a return on investment in less than five years. The energy performance gains ensure a higher annual return on investment than any other alternative energy source.

Why recover heat from water?

The production of hot water is generally the most significant energy consumption source in multi-unit buildings. The interest is to recover the residual energy still present in the hot water used. Hot water is therefore your biggest energy saving potential.

Producing hot water requires a significant amount of energy that is very limited in its application; the energy is lost as soon as the wastewater is flushed down the drain. Despite all the efforts made in the construction industry to improve the energy efficiency of buildings, there is still a lot to be done in terms of water use.

The RegenEAU system helps increase the energy efficiency of condominiums, multi-dwellings and commercial buildings by reusing heat from wastewater to produce hot water at a lower cost. Turnkey support is offered to perfectly adapt the systems to your needs.

Why RegenEAU ?

No other system offers this level of hot water energy efficiency performance while fitting your budget. RegenEAU systems are not only cost effective in the short term, but they set a standard of efficiency that will remain the industry standard for years to come.

Invest in an affordable energy efficiency project

Our heat recovery technology adapts to the constraints of your building without exceeding the established budgets.

  • Customization of the system according to the number and type of occupants
  • Total or partial recovery of hot water according to the expected profitability
  • Possibility of decentralising the system according to the wastewater management structure
  • Proposal of implementation strategies adapted to a building or a building stock
  • Progressive implementation to ensure a better investment strategy

Modernize your buildings while reducing financial risk

The integration is easy and does not require any major modification to the building, whether it is an existing construction (retrofit) or a new one.

  • Easily installed in the vast majority of existing buildings
  • The system adapts to the building rather than requiring building modifications
  • Connects to existing plumbing without major building modifications
  • No underground infrastructure needs to be installed to collect wastewater
  • The various configurations adapt to the constraints that a building may impose

Invest in an affordable energy efficiency project

The energy efficiency gained generates significant savings that reduce your annual fixed costs.

  • Total energy efficiency gains of up to 75%.
  • Drastic reduction in energy costs for hot water production
  • Reliability to ensure hot water availability, even during peak periods
  • Fully automated operation without human intervention
  • Telemetric monitoring of the system's energy performance

RegenEAU’s technology

There was no high-performance technology available for energy efficiency in hot water. We redesigned everything from the ground up to offer a complete, affordable and flexible solution.


Wastewater heat recovery system using our exclusive technology

The efficiency is so high that it will remain the industry standard for many years to come.


Integrated telemetry to track energy savings and overall consumption

We can detect problems remotely; we are the first to know about them and act accordingly.


Once installed, our systems require very little maintenance.

The systems are covered by a 10-year user warranty and we offer a worry-free turnkey rental solution.


We guarantee a return on investment in less than 5 years.

When you invest to reduce your operating costs, you want guarantees and peace of mind.

High level of support

Custom design of systems according to client's constraints
System commissioning performed on site by our team
Annual maintenance visit of the systems to optimize operation
Continuous improvement of the system parameters according to the data obtained


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